Happier Things

Thanks for your support in my last post. I realize that my boss is just an immature jerk, and while I'm not really offended, I just dont know how much longer I can work for someone who I just dont respect.

But as the title suggests, this post is about happier things.

First up, Nursery School! This week the monkey had his first official day of real live school. We had intended to just put him in a two day a week class at the same place he was going for a "mommy and me class" (or in our case, "all mommies and one daddy class"). The teacher there convinced us that he was ready for the four day a week class, and since it's close to home and only two and half hours, we agreed. An added plus is that the husband will use that time to go to the gym, something he's been trying to fit in his schedule forever. So while in general I am
happy that he is in school learning and socializing, there is a little piece of me that is completely freaked out about it. Taking his picture on the front steps with his backpack was
completely surreal and brought me back to the times my parents did that to us. In any case, he was damn cute.

On day three the teacher told us he had to be in time out for not listening. Sigh. Let the games begin.

And of course a post about happy things has to include knitting. I finished up that shawl a few weeks ago and my brother's girlfriend seemed to love it. It looked great on her.

Pattern: Shape Shift Shawl from Interweave Crochet (Summer 2009)
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Lace in Celery - about three and half skeins
Mods: Added two extra buttons on each end (10)
Comments: It grew quite a bit when blocking, but I didn't mind the larger size. The drawstring idea is very cool, but you really have to tie it to make it stay. Also the button holes were too big, but you can really put the buttons through any of the holes without it looking funny. Would definitely make this again. My ravelry details here.

I also made another pair of the Mary Jane Skmimmers to match the Helena sweater I made previously.
I decided I don't love this pattern. The double soles throw the construction out of whack for me and its difficult for me to make two that look alike (or one that doesn't look slightly orthopedic). And I think the designer crochets very tightly because these come out more slipper like (flimsy) as opposed to being a real shoe as they appear in the designer's pictures.

Next up I am making my very first sweater, and for myself. I can't remember the last time I made something for myself. It's the "Hey Teach!" sweater from knitty out of Cotton Ease. I snagged this awesome magengta yarn on clearance ("azalea" colorway) and its pretty much my favoritist color in the world. Finished the back and have started the left front.

Lastly, I joined a gym. For the first time ever in my life. It's two blocks from my job, they cater to the Wall Street crowd (early mornings and late nights), its clean, bright, has tons of equipment and they were running a sale that gave me no excuse to refuse. I'm hoping I can start to fit in some exercise this way - I know that when everything else turns to shit, if you can at least feel good about yourself, you can deal with it. I'll let you know how it goes.

How was your week?


Rachael said...

Despite your complaints, those little baby shoes are darling! I love them.

I'm jealous of your knitting/crocheting abilities! I have this idea that I want to try and make some crochet flowers to use for trim on bags and purses I'm making. I bought some yarn and a crochet hook! But, that's as far as I've gotten...

mama k said...

Aw! The kiddo is adorable as usual.

Love the knitting! I have been eyeing Hey Teach but have not yet taken the plunge on any "me" sized garments.

Jenni said...

I love that "Hey Teach" sweater and have thought of knitting one for myself. I can't wait to see how yours turns out (which means you must post pictures of the finished product)! it looks like you've got a pretty good start on it.

Seamonkey looks completely adorable in his little backpack. He seems so proud to be going to school! Such a little man. :)

Fioleta said...

Seamonkey looks so cute on that photo.

I love the colour of the sweater you are knitting and it looks like a very nice feminine design.

Dana said...

Seamonkey has the cutest expression on his face! He looks so excited for his big day at school. Love those little shoes too! Adorable and there is nothing wrong with how they look.

I so wish I could knit. I've tried several times and just can't seem to get an even stitch going. Give me camera and a canvas I'll paint up some interesting images but give me needles and yarn and eeeeeessshhhhhh.......there are no words. I love to see the projects you're working on. I live vicariously through them.

Anonymous said...

I completely feel you on the exercising. I HAD to start--I was starting to be really grossed out looking at myself, lol! I've dropped a few pounds but more importantly, I feel so much better about myself.

Hope the gym really benefits you!

That shawl is so pretty and I love the booties. So glad to see you can fit in crafting.

And how cute is the little one, omgosh?!

beagle said...

That is the sweetest first day of school photo ever!

I love your crafty things, impressed with how much you get done! I started the beloved blankie today:four rows worth, so far so good . . . thank you thank you thank you!

And we can be gym newbie buddies. I am enjoying it so far since they have excellent "child minding" services and it gives me an hour to myslef that is both mentally and physically healthy.

MMrussianadoption said...

He is super cute. Hope he is enjoying it. Glad you are going to the gym. I am stressed too and that 1 hour workout 3 times a week really helps. your boss sucks and i would have reacted the same way. good luck with your job search

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