Yeah, about that posting thing....

I should have known not to promise a return to blogging during the summer, what was I thinking?  We are totally enjoying the weather here, when it's not raining that's a little of what we've been up to.

Camping - I am totally digging our new pop up.  We've done two trips so far this summer - First to Hither Hills in Montauk. Probably my favorite place to camp - our site was practically on the beach and every night we would fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves.  The days are spent on the practically empty and always breezy beach.  Heaven I tell ya.  Here's the monkey all snuggled up for bed.  Yes, he still does the Linus thing....

A little impromptu sand art - actually thinking of framing this one.
Our second trip was at a fairly local campground.  A bunch of my cousins came and we had hree sites next to each other.  It was alot of fun, and even my cousin K who is NOT a camper admitted that she was actually having a great time.  Here is the monkey in full white trash mode (the place we were is sort of full of that kind of thing, so you know, when in Rome...). Gotta love the ice pop melting on his bare chest.
Our next trip is in Maine for a whole week.  We are actually supposed to leave this weekend, but unfortunately the husband managed to get Coxsackie don't ask me how.  I think he'll be better by the weekend, but now I'm worried that me and monkey will end up getting it while we're away.  We'll have to see.  Assuming we're fine, the trip should be fun.

The Fourth - We did our annual beach picnic on the fourth this year.  This kid has no fear of the water, which is not a good thing.  But it was a beautiful day and we had alot of fun.
The Mets - My company buys a big package at the stadium every year, and I get to go to almost everything.  Citifield is absolutely the best, and the Monkey LOVES to go.  He will sit in his seat and watch the entire game.  He knows all the words to "Take me out to the ballgame" and "Meet the Mets".  He can tell you players names and numbers.  It's amazing.  Maybe he'll make mommy rich one day playing in the big leagues. 
Dave - Got the change to see him at Jones Beach this year (for free!).  What a great show.  It rained a bit, which sucked since this is an outdoor stadium but it didn't last thank God.  He did a version of Talking Heads "burning down the house" that was totally amazing.

Birthday - My brother was away on my birthday and when he came home we made plans to go out to dinner the next friday night to celebrate.  He told me to pick a place, but every place I picked he didn't like.  I'm thinking that it's so typical of my brother to do what HE wants for MY birthday.  Turns out the place he picked had four of my cousins and their husbands waiting for me!  A little impromptu surprise party, it was so awesome, if nothing else than because it is so completely out of character for my brother.  That, and the 6 layer chocolate cake with the Vodka & 7 chaser.

Knitting - I have been sticking to my plans.  I have mostly finished Helena - pics next time once I've sown the buttons on.  Will make another pair of Mary Janes and then I start my brother's girlfriends B-Day gift.  I think I've settled on the Shift Shaping Shawl that was recently in Interweave Crochet.  The yarn arrived yesterday from KnitPicks - a beautiful merino/silk lacewieght in a beautiful celery green.  More on that later too.

So thats my July.  What's on tap for you this August?


Rachael said...

The kids have been pestering us to get a camper. I am SO not a camp girl, but we did go look at them, and I'm kind of tempted!

mama k said...

Ah camping. We went too much as a kid to make me want to go now. Maybe when the kiddo gets older.... Love DMB! Haven't been to a concert in forever. :)
Oh and W still chews on his blanket at almost 3. I try to keep it just for bedtime, but it doesn't really bother me.

Mama said...

We bought a 5th wheel this past spring, our 3rd & final camping trip planned for this summers starts Sunday & goes to following Sunday. We have only done 3 dayers so far, so next week will be interesting. Your boy is so cute, hope you enjoy the rest of the summer, its flying by too fast for me.

Barely Sane said...

Wow - fun filled summer so far! We've had a pop up for a few years now and we love it!!!

But my personal fave is your cake with the Vokda/7 chaser. LOL - Go Girl!

beagle said...

Love all the pics! Your son is completely adorable! What a gorgeous bunch of kids we have out here in bloglandia!

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