Helena is done!

Pattern: Helena from Knitty

Yarn:  Cotton Ease in Berry; 2 skeins

Needles:  4 and 6

Mods:  This pattern calls for a dk weight yarn, but I obviously did this in worsted wieght.  Made the 12 month size - I think this is a bit bigger but its for a 9 month old who will wear this in the fall, so I think it's okay.  Made a button band instead of the ties.  Awesome, easy pattern.

Ravelry details HERE.

I'll make some matching Mary Janes in the car up to Maine, and maybe a hat...not sure yet.  And then it's on to my next project:

Shape Shifting Shawl from Interweave Crochet

Made with a tiny hook (1.75mm) and lace weight yarn!  I've never crocheted lace before so this should be interesting.  What I love about this pattern is that it has buttons along the bottom long edge so you can close up the sleeves and make it a shrug.  I think my brother's girlfriend will love it, especially in this beautiful shade of celery green.  The question is though - will I make the deadline of August 12th?  Probably not unless I do a lot of this while we're away next week - I would love to but I think my husband would kill me.  I do plan to get a chunk of this done in the very loooong car ride up and back - 10 hours!!

Well, off to the Maine woods!  Have a good week!


Shaken Mama said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!!! You have quite a talent, I think. And you can make Mary Janes? I'm so impressed!

Lori said...

I love the little sweater, if it doesn't fit the girl intended for, I'll take it.
And I really like your blog layout, It's so different from the norm.

Fioleta said...

Lovely sweater. And I love the green you choose for the shawl. I'm always jealous of people who can read, knit or crochet in the car, as I just get carsick. :(

Ruth's Place said...

Then sweater is lovely!

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